The Genesis Emporium

The Genesis Emporium
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Paper Doll Project

I have been working this weekend on a cabinet I found at GW.  Sorry no before pics, but it started out as a wooden cabinet with a typical dark image on it.  I had no real plan, but just created as I went - but I had a page ripped from an old Mary Engelbreit magazine and I used the paper dolls to get started.  I'm not quite through yet - I think I want to put something in the background inside - like old photos or something glued to the back wall.  Then I can put some "little" finds inside.  I also found this little pup, he was rather plain, but was made for Victoria's Secret.  I thought he matched the papers and colors I used, so I decorated him to sit on top.  If there's any interest, I may eventually put it up on Etsy.  :)

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A funky game table coffee table

Wanted to show you the coffee table we recently made out of an antique (dated 1902) game table and an old garage sale coffee table.  I think it came out great!  Now if I only had about 10 more rooms to display stuff.  :)

The second set of pictures are of my hubby, Bruce, who helped me with putting the table together.  He is holding a bonsai tree which is his fav hobby.  As you can see, it has ice hanging from it.  Brrrr, believe it or not, it gets very cold here in the Houston area.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Genesis Emporium: A glimpse of my doll collection

The Genesis Emporium: A glimpse of my doll collection: "Hi, all. Hope all of you are warm, dry and relaxed today. I'm putting some pics here of my doll collection (it's rather smaller ..."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A glimpse of my doll collection

Hi, all.  Hope all of you are warm, dry and relaxed today.  I'm putting some pics here of my doll collection (it's rather smaller now - at one point I had a rather large bunch, but sold some of them.  These are my favs.  Hope you like them.  I'm throwing in a few other things I have made recently.  Some are for me and some for my Etsy and real world shop.

This is the very vintage baby bed I found at our local thrift shop.  When I bought it (for only $20, it came with baby sheets, a little quilt, bumper pads, etc - but no mattress.  I went back a week or so ago and they actually had a mattress for sale.  So all together - $30.00!  It's got lots of wear, but is sturdy and I love the decals.

 Now, shhh!!!  Baby's sleeping......
My beautiful reborn baby doll - isn't she awesome?

These are some of my other collectibles and dolls.  The lamp is from 1953 and the shade was blah - so I decoupaged with cute graphics.

I'm putting some more stuff up on Etsy today, vintage collectibles and altered art.  Please check it out!